Shell Books Africa

Shell Books Africa


The booklets are listed initially by language and include titles in English, French and Swahili. Various categories are then presented, each one containing a further list of titles. In addition to browsing through the categories and titles, you can also search the entire file repository, looking for matches on titles and descriptions. To do this, simply click on "Search" at the right-hand side of the menu line, and type a word or phrase to look for.

Once you have located a booklet that you think may suit your needs, you can download it, usually either in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher format. Most titles, when printed, will use A4 size paper, folded to produce A5 size booklets, although others are designed so that they can be cut to A6 or A7. You may freely download any title and use it, provided that you keep to our terms and conditions.

If you would like to give a rating (1-5 stars) for each title to help others who may be considering its use, we would appreciate your help. You will need to register on the site to do so. Click on Register in the main menu above for more details.

The complete, original list of books from Africa has now been placed on this web site, but other late additions may be added in the future. The most recent additions date back to 2011 when a new heading of "Bible Storying" was added. A large number of papers, articles and Biblical stories have been added discussing how best to communicate with non-literate peoples. These have been written by those spearheading modern mission to those communities. Most of these are not Shell Books, but it is hoped that the papers might be of interest to anyone working in that environment, or indeed others.

A further heading of "Bible Study" has also been added. Again, most of these titles are not Shell Books, but they could be translated and should prove useful wherever they are used and in whatever language.